Terms & Conditions


Below is a copy of the supplementary terms and conditions your Learn With Joe Driving School Instructor will require you to accept in addition to their standard terms and conditions as identified below and shown on their website.

Supplementary COVID-19 Safeguarding Terms and Conditions

To safeguard you, me and my other students while COVID-19 remains a threat it will be necessary to abide by the following additional terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are designed to help reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting the virus while taking driving lessons. Where there is any conflict between my standard terms and conditions of service and those listed below, these take precedence.

  1. What are the risks of contracting COVID-19
    COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and in some cases death. I will do my best to minimise the risk to you by sanitising those surfaces that you might touch and by ventilating the car whenever possible before each lesson. Due to the fact we will not be able to observe the 2 metre social distancing rule while in the car, and because we will be operating in a confined space used by a number of different people, I am unable to guarantee you will not be infected by COVID-19 during your driving lessons.
  2. Accept full responsibility should you or a member of your household become infected
    By undertaking driving lessons with me you are agreeing to
  1. accept full responsibility (except where I am negligent) for any loss, cost or expense you might incur should you contract COVID-19 or pass it on as a result of taking driving lessons with me
  2. not take any action against me to recover any such loss, cost or expense.
  1. Consider whether you or a member of your household might be particularly vulnerable
    If you or any persons you are likely to be in contact with are at risk of having a severe form of the illness as a result of being infected by COVID-19 (e.g. senior citizens, pregnant women and those with underlying medical conditions) please consider very carefully whether you should be taking a course of driving lessons at this point in time.
  2. Immediately let me know if you or any members of your household have been exposed to serious risk of contracting COVID-19, tested positive for it, advised to self-isolate or shown symptoms of it.
    If you know you may have potentially been in a situation where you or any member of your household may have contracted COVID-19, been tested positive for it, advised to self-isolate (e.g. NHS Test and Trace or equivalent) or shown symptoms (see below) it is vital that you let me know as soon as possible. Please note, I do not need personal details of any individual to whom this may relate.

COVID-19 symptoms include:

  1. a high temperature (38C or above)
  2. a new, continuous dry cough
  3. unexplained loss or change to your (or their) sense of smell or taste

This list is not exhaustive. For the latest information please refer to the Government guidelines or refer to https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/check-if-you-have-coronavirus-symptoms/

Without charge to you this will help me to decide whether it will be necessary to postpone any future lessons until it is safe to continue based on the latest Government guidelines. Should I discover you could have given me more notice of this I reserve the right to charge you for any driving lessons postponed.

  1. Be prepared to answer truthfully any questions I might ask before any driving lesson about potential COVID-19 exposure or symptoms
    I may need to ask you questions about whether you have been in contact with people:
  1. who might be infected (e.g. advised to self-isolate) or
  2. who might have recently returned from abroad or
  3. who you know are definitely infected or
  4. who are particularly vulnerable to a severe form of the COVID-19 illness (also see 3 above).

I will also need to ask you about whether you or indeed anyone else in your household have experienced symptoms (see 4 above). In this regard I may need to take your temperature using a non-contact thermometer. Please note I do not need personal details of any individual to whom the above may relate.

Without charge to you, I reserve the right to postpone the lesson if I suspect you may have symptoms consistent with being infected by COVID-19 or have been seriously exposed to it until it is safe to continue based on the latest Government guidelines. Should I discover you could have given me more notice of this information I reserve the right to charge you for any driving lessons postponed as a result.

  1. Reciprocal information about me and the need for action regarding points 4 to 5
    I will inform you if I suspect I or anyone in my household have:
  1. been exposed to a serious risk of contracting COVID-19 or
  2. tested positive for COVID-19 or
  3. exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 infection or
  4. been advised to self-isolate.

If so, I may need to postpone your driving lessons (including attending any driving test) and self-isolate, based on current Government advice, for at least 14 days or indeed longer in the case of a severe infection. In this instance any scheduled lessons would be carried forward until I was in a position to resume training.

  1. Wear a face covering or mask during the lesson
    The wearing of a face covering or mask is recommended if social distancing is not possible. Therefore, I will require you to wear a face covering or mask during the lesson. Please bring your own face covering or mask, which should be one that you feel comfortable wearing. This must not interfere with your ability to drive safely.

Please notify me at least 48 hours prior to any driving lesson if you do not have a suitable face covering or mask. I may be able to supply a disposable mask or a reusable mask at an additional cost. I reserve the right to postpone the lesson in this situation without charge. However, should insufficient notice be given and you turn up for a lesson without a suitable face covering or mask I also reserve the right to postpone and charge for the lesson.

  1. Endeavour to properly wash your hands and face just prior to each lesson
    If at all possible, please wash your hands and face thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds immediately prior to attending a driving lesson. I will still require you to sanitise/wash your hands, after fitting a face covering or mask and prior to entering the car, using a suitable product that I will supply for this purpose. If you can not do this for medical reasons you may be required to wear suitable gloves instead. I will also make sure my hands are clean or suitably gloved as the case may be. At certain intervals it may be necessary for you to re-apply hand sanitiser or wash as I direct.
  2. Avoid having to bring any extra objects to the driving lesson
    Please be mindful not to bring any objects with you that may potentially be a carrier for COVID-19, if at all possible. You can bring your phone with you provided it is switched off and can be kept on your person. Anything that cannot be kept on your person will need to be placed in a plastic bag or container provided by me for this purpose and returned to you at the end of the lesson.
  3. Avoid paying in cash
    If you do bring cash, make sure it is the precise amount that is needed to pay for the lesson or lessons you want to purchase. I will ask you to drop it into a bag or container that I will keep for this purpose. The best way to pay for my service is to pay via online banking direct into my account. Please consult with me for other options.
  4. Car ventilation
    It is known that COVID-19 transfer is reduced in open spaces therefore I may ventilate the car by keeping some of the windows open during the lesson. If this is not practical, I will endeavor to ventilate the car between lesson 





Lessons are based on an hourly rate, discounts may be available on block bookings, increases in lesson price will be notified well in advance.

Cancellations and Delays

At least 24 hours’ notice should be given, failure to do so may incur charges.

If you frequently cancel lessons, I reserve the right to remove you from my books.

If you know you are going to be late for a lesson you should call / text to notify me. if you arrive or are not ready later than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time for your booked lesson, I will try to provide that lesson but if I decide that I cannot do so, the lesson will be treated at cancelled without notice by you and, if I then decide to make a charge for that lesson cancelled without notice it will be charged for the full hour.

If I'm delayed by 15 minutes I will either carry lesson time over or if you are not able to do a full hour on that day I will defer that time on to the next lesson booked, if there is not another lesson booked I will refund that portion of the lesson not given i.e. 15 minutes.


Payment should be made at start of lesson, payment methods include Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card or Bacs transfer (Bacs Transfers should be paid before start of lessons.) failure to do so may result in charges and loss of lesson.

Block Bookings/ Vouchers Any Lessons not taken from Block Bookings after 6 months are non-refundable.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have used the lessons or reclaimed the monetary value before the 6-month cut-off date, monies paid back are at the value they were purchased at. i.e., discounted price for block booking.


Eyesight and licence check and Your Obligations

You must be able to read a number plate from a distance specified from the Highway Code.

You must hold a valid UK driving licence either full or provisional

You must bring your driving Licence with you on the 1st lesson. I must see your online licence as well.

If you have been banned from driving and are training for a retest, You must be legally entitled to take tuition and provide me with proof of that entitlement.

You must always wear any prescribed glasses or contact lenses

Failure to do so may result in being charged for lesson time as the lesson could not be conducted.

Any changes to your health and any changes to your licence I.e. endorsements or penalty points must be declared to me immediately.

You must bring your driving Licence with you on all lessons. I must see your online licence on or before the first lesson.

My Obligations

I shall always use my reasonable endeavors to provide driving instruction at the agreed lesson times, and prearranged pick up and drop off points. I will use my reasonable endeavors to train you to a high standard but shall not be responsible for any errors made by you. I will be professional, respectful and courteous towards you and other road users and act in accordance with the law

Pick up and drop off

Lessons will start and finish at a prearranged place, any changes you make may incur additional costs or reduced lesson time.

Vehicles and Insurance

I shall ensure that all vehicles I provide are fitted with dual controls, and are fully roadworthy, taxed, and have a valid MOT (where relevant) and are fully insured for the purpose of driving instruction.

You may request to use your own vehicle. Whether you use your own vehicle is for me to decide at my discretion. You must provide me with proof of your vehicle’s road worthiness, tax, valid MOT (where relevant) and suitable insurance

Booking tests & Fees

I will advise you when you are ready to book a Practical Test, this will be on the strict understanding that you continue your lessons right up to the date of your Test, failure to do so may result in you failing to reach the required standard, in this event I reserve the right to refuse the use of the driving school car for the test, this decision will be at my discretion and can be made at short notice even as late as the pre-test lesson. The fee for Test day usually covers 2 hours when purchased separately or maybe part of a block booking, but may vary due to the locality and distance involved in getting to and from the DTC.

Drink and drugs

If I suspect you are under the influence of either drink or drugs you will be refused permission to drive. Please ensure that any prescribed drugs will not affect your ability to drive as this is also against the law. I WILL charge for any lesson cancelled as a result of an inability of the pupil to drive within the laws of the UK.

Instructors Code of Conduct:

I follow the DIA & DVSA codes of conduct for Driving Instructors, which includes no form of personal contact except in an emergency.


Every effort will be made to keep good time, road and traffic conditions, bad weather or mechanical problems may cause unavoidable delays in my schedule, I will try to make up any lost time to you , or arrange another lesson as soon as possible.


If you are not entirely satisfied with the service I provided please tell ME, I am in the best position to rectify any problems, either by Email at learnwithjoe@outlook.com or on 07951537685 if you are still unhappy you can write to the Supervising Examiner (ADI) Whose name and address you will find in the local test centre alternatively you can contact the ADI Registrar at Gov.uk


Changes to Terms & Conditions

I may from time to time change these terms and conditions without giving you notice but I will use my reasonable endeavors to inform you as soon as possible of any such changes


By reading and signing this document, you are confirming that you or your Guardian are 18 years of age or over, have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.